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Tamoxifen hypercalcemia

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    Tamoxifen hypercalcemia

    A case of hypercalcemia induced by tamoxifen in a patient with breast carcinoma metastatic to the bones is presented. The induction of the hypercalcemia may be secondary to the weak initial estrogenic effects of tamoxifen. Patients who are treated with tamoxifen and other antiestrogens should be monitored carefully for evidence of hypercalcemia. ciprofloxacin what is it used to treat To the editor: To prove that tamoxifen causes hypercalcemia in advanced breast cancer, as has been suggested by Veldhuis (1) and others (2-4), would require that three criteria be met. The hypercalcemia should develop after tamoxifen therapy, reverse when tamoxifen is withdrawn, and be reinduced by tamoxifen rechallenge. In our prospective trial of tamoxifen in 30 premenopausal women with metastatic breast cancer, three developed hypercalcemia after 7, 9, and 28 days on tamoxifen therapy. The two who developed hypercalcemia most quickly had extensive preexisting bone involvement.

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    Hypercalcemia is a relatively common clinical problem. It results when the. Tamoxifen-induced hypercalcemia in breast cancer. Cancer 1981. duloxetine renal dosing A case of hypercalcemia induced by tamoxifen in a patient with breast carcinoma metastatic to the bones is presented. The induction of the hypercalcemia may. Hypercalcemia may also lead to precipitation of calcium phosphate salts in the. Estrogen and tamoxifen may cause hypercalcemia in patients with breast.

    Parathyroid independent hypercalcemia is characterized by suppressed parathyroid hormone (PTH) in the presence of hypercalcemia. Well known causes and mechanisms are redistribution of calcium from the skeleton, by malignant diseases; inadequately increased intestinal calcium uptake mediated by increased vitamin D activity, and reduced renal elimination due to medications. Frequent and infrequent causes are discussed, and more recent mechanistic models presented in this review. Most hypercalcemic conditions are stable and in equilibrium between the different organs, whereas the utmost severe cases are characterized by rapid rising calcium levels and renal failure, resulting in a vicious circle where a disequilibrium state is developed. Management and treatment depends on the underlying condition and severity. The aim of this review is to discuss non-parathyroid hypercalcemic conditions as seen in the modern clinic, with a focus on areas where recent gain of knowledge has been achieved. Sorry the page you were looking for has either been changed or moved or the URL was incorrectly entered. If you clicked on a link to get here you may wish to inform the webmaster of the page linked to this page.

    Tamoxifen hypercalcemia

    Tamoxifen-induced hypercalcemia in breast cancer. - NCBI, Hypercalcemia induced by tamoxifen - ScienceDirect

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  3. The relationship of hypercalcemia with cancer is well described in the literature. Tamoxifen-induced hypercalcemia in breast cancer. Cancer.

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    Life-threatening hypercalcemia and tamoxifen. Wilma Larsen, Gale Fellowes, Leland S. Rickman. The American Journal of Medicine, April 1990, Elsevier. ciprofloxacin definition Nolvadex Tamoxifen. Class of Drugs Nonsteroidal antiestrogen. Hypercalcemia has been reported in some breast cancer patients with bone metastases within a few weeks of starting. Tamoxifen and hypercalcaemia. Hypercalcemia/chemically induced*; Hypercalcemia/physiopathology; Hypercalcemia/therapy; Tamoxifen/adverse effects*.

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