Plaquenil and quinacrine not working anymore for lupus

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    Plaquenil and quinacrine not working anymore for lupus

    I have been on plaquenil for about 10 weeks now without much success. I have had the sickness to my stomach and not felt like me including exhausted but it's not as bad as I feared. My hair is coming out slightly Not in clumps are anything, just a little here or there. My doctor said if I don't feel better in a few more weeks, we could switch my medicine. Really though in order not to have worse things happen it is what we have to do. I switched back to cymbalta three days ago and have experienced huge relief.

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    I was on quinacrine in addition to plaquenil for a bit, and my doctor added this because I was still exhibiting a significant amount of disease activity that the plaquenil alone was not suppressing. But my lupus has never been severe, compared to some of what others in this sub have experienced. Re Plaquenil not working anymore Lizzy, I took 400mg 200 twice a day for 16-18 months forget exact duration, then was reduced to 200 mg daily. But right from the start, I also needed NSAID's for pain. Hydroxychloroquine is generally the first line of treatment for someone who has been diagnosed with lupus. It is used for skin and joint involvement, muscle inflammation, fever, fatigue, pleurisy, to reduce the development of renal kidney disease and chronic damage, and for its steroid-sparing properties.

    Vitamin B-12 might help with the hair, ask your doctor about that, well wishes to you and I hope the mtx can help you....((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Jeanneac)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))healing hugz and well wishes and keep us posted on how your doing... Had headaches with the plaquenil so went to the sulfar and predisone. (like i did friday) Take care of yourself and big(((HUGS))) on your journey. He said it would be one that they would have to more closely monitor me on with some blood tests. I was thinking it was methotrexate but I do not want my hair to fall out. It might be coincidence but since on the plaquenil, I have noticed a growth spurt of hair especially at the hairline. Plaquenil made me sick, so I can't take it either, but there are other medicine out there,the doctor's will get you on something that'll help, keep hope..wishes to you and try the methotrexate,to see if it can help... I know it is scary but anything to stop the pain and misfunction of not being able to use my hands or move my knees or not have my ankles cave out and fall. I suspected that I had fibromyalgia on top of the inflammation. I am so relieved but hope I don't start having bad side effects from it like I did before with a very dry mouth and gritting my teeth at night.

    Plaquenil and quinacrine not working anymore for lupus

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  4. Given that the alopecia had developed while you were on the plaquenil, it's not clear that going back on it will help that symptom much. a drug that is related to plaquenil called quinacrine may be helpful to take. WebMD's Day2Night will help you develop personal coping strategies for living with lupus – at home, at work, or with.

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    From Malaria to Lupus & RA. Anecdotal reports describing improvement in lupus and rheumatoid arthritis RA by Allied soldiers on long-term quinacrine culminated in the first published report by Page in the Lancet, in 1951. 6 Following this, other papers followed, and the drugs became a mainstay in the treatment of SLE and increasingly prescribed in RA. Unfortunately, retinal damage caused by Aralen may be irreversible, but this medication is rarely prescribed anymore for lupus. Do not smoke while taking anti-malarial medications, since smoking actually reduces the benefits of these drugs. In fact, people with lupus should not smoke at all due to their increased risk of cardiovascular disease. There are two other DMARDs besides Plaquenil but they are associated with more or worse side effects so they are not used as often. Plaquenil seems to be a good baseline drug to start when first.

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    Chloroquine is an anti-malaria medicine that works by interfering with the growth of parasites in the red blood cells of the human body. Chloroquine confirmed as anti-viral drug for Coronavirus WHO Model Prescribing Information Drugs Used in Parasitic. Treatment of Malaria – Malaria Site
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